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Holy Knight Forum-Rules

Post by Holy Knight Hendricksen on Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:08 am

we are an elite clan with strict rules as the name suggests your a holy knight we expect a you to act HOLY and a KNIGHT at the same time.
we are a YGO dueling network clan and a YGO forum clan but these are 2 very different things.

1.Curseing is allowed to a degree. if exceeded a user may report you and we will judge and deal with the situation.Racism isnt allowed towards each other. why because we are civilized and we are here for a reason arent we ?

2.No Pornographic images or links.NO screammers no gore posting or anything along those lines.

3.Using an explicit or inappropriate image as your forum avatar/signature. Avatars and signatures breaking this rule will be removed without question.

4.Disclosing another members personal information to the public. you may disclose your own thats up to you just not others.

5.posting uselessly without any benefit or gain to the topic or community. if you wish to spam or just have a conversation we will work on creating that given its a necessity.

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